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This is a niche peer to peer marketplace and community for drummers sponsored by Not So Modern Drummer. All drummers are welcome to our "club", which has a rich history going back to 1988, when Not So Modern Drummer started as a classified ads print newsletter, grew into a full blown print quarterly magazine in the nineties, upgraded to a monthly digital email magazine in 2012 and now has added this sales and info platform with email updates of the latest item listings, articles from Not So Modern Drummer and announcements from members (daily, weekly, or monthly feed, your choice). Many of the buyers and sellers here are some of the most well known and experienced drummers and vintage drum collectors and resellers who have been with us since the beginning as well as manufacturers and drum shops from around the world. From junk to treasures, if it has to do with drums it's welcome here.

Here you can post free listings for your drum related products at no charge. If it sells, we automatically deduct a measly 4% commission from the total of the sale price and shipping. Anyone can sell, from occasional sellers, to vintage resellers, retailers both online and brick and mortar, drum builders, drum manufacturers, entrepreneurs of new percussion accessories, etc. We have much fewer restrictions than the other similar platforms like Ebay, Amazon, Reverb, Craigslist, Facebook Market, etc.- BUT - we run a tight ship here and don't allow scammers, low ballers, trolls or trouble makers. Thanks for inquiring, George Lawrence, administrator.