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George Lawrence - administrator - george at 330 338 6035

DrumSellers is a niche peer to peer marketplace and community for drummers that was started in 1988 by Not So Modern Drummer magazine. It was known as the “White Paper” classifieds back then (remember paper?) :-). We went online with it in 2018 and it has grown steadily. DrumSellers is built on trust within the drummer brotherhood/sisterhood. Many of the members here know each other personally from interaction at drum shows, online forums, social media and other drummer watering holes. Because of this trust, DrumSellers has much fewer risks, restrictions and penalties than the other similar platforms like Ebay, Amazon, Reverb, Craigslist, Facebook Market, etc. - BUT - we do run a tight ship and don't allow scammers, trolls or trouble makers. Everyone is vetted within days of their signing up to weed out fraud and keep the community safe. 

Please browse the listings. You do not have to become a member just to look at the listings. But becoming a member allows you to buy, sell, and receive the daily or weekly email updates of the latest listings. To become a member, click on the sign up link to join. It's free. If you want to sell, just click the “Post a Free Listing” Link and follow the prompts. 

Listing your drum related new and used gear is FREE. If it sells, we automatically deduct a small 4% commission from the total paypal payment of the sale price and shipping. Anyone can sell, from occasional sellers, to vintage resellers, retailers both online and brick and mortar, drum builders, drum manufacturers, entrepreneurs of new percussion accessories, etc. 

Questions? Contact me.
Thanks, George