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This is a niche peer to peer marketplace and community for drummers owned by Not So Modern Drummer. All drummers are welcome to this "club", which has a rich history going back to 1988, when Not So Modern Drummer started as a printed classified ads rag for vintage drum collectors. When you sign up you can receive daily or weekly email updates of the latest gear listings, articles from Not So Modern Drummer and announcements from members. Many of the buyers and sellers here are some of the most well known and experienced drummers, vintage drum collectors and retailers, some of who have been with us since the beginning. If it has to do with drums, it's welcome here.

Here you can post free listings for your drum related products at no charge. If it sells, we automatically deduct a small 4% commission from the total of the sale price and shipping. Anyone can sell, from occasional sellers, to vintage resellers, retailers both online and brick and mortar, drum builders, drum manufacturers, entrepreneurs of new percussion accessories, etc. Drumsellers has much fewer restrictions and regulations than the other similar platforms like Ebay, Amazon, Reverb, Craigslist, Facebook Market, etc.- BUT - we run a tight ship and don't allow scammers, low ballers, trolls or trouble makers. Thanks for inquiring, 


What is the "VIP members sales only" order/listing type? That is strictly for DrumSellers employees and associates. Do not use it without permission. If you do, it will be changed to another order type by the staff.

Can I sell without Paypal or Stripe online payment; cash, check, money order, etc. ?   Drumsellers is configured to accept online payment only. If you don't have access to Paypal or Stripe then contact us and we will look at possible solutions. 

Can I put my phone # and email address in the description? No. All communication between buyers and sellers must be done via the DrumSellers email system. Why? Because if any problems arise between a buyer and a seller, we will be able to see the entirety of the communication in case we need to intervene and settle a dispute or claim.

A price must be stated in any sales listing, not $0.

Does Drumsellers accept consignments? Yes. The fee is 10% if we post the listing/accept the payment for you while you ship the item. The fee is 20% if you can get the item(s) to us and we handle everything, including the shipping.

If you want to choose shipping but have not determined a shipping price, you may put $0 in the box. Stipulate in your description that shipping will be determined by the seller to the buyers’ zip code.

Make sure that your shipping address is on file in your paypal account. DrumSellers does not send buyers’ shipping address to the seller.

How to edit price, description, pictures, etc.? Go to your listing and click on the edit link in the right hand column. On a phone that link is at the bottom of the listing. Click edit then scroll to change the different features.