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Updating Paypal & Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I have to upgrade my Paypal account?

This is the number one most frequently asked question. If you have already upgraded your Paypal account then you probably don't need to know the following. But if you received a notice from us that your listing won't work because your Paypal account needs to be upgraded, then you need to tend to this immediately lest we close your listing until you do.

Here are the instructions from the Paypal site (copied from this link)

Here's how to upgrade your PayPal account:

  1. Click the Settings icon at the top of your accounts page.
  2. Click Update to an Individual Sellers Business account ( not Corporate Business Account unless you are a Corporation)
  3. Enter your business information, and read the E-Communication Delivery Policy, User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
  4. Click Agree and Upgrade Account.


Some users have had concerns about Paypal requiring us all on to upgrade to an "individual seller business account". I talked to Paypal to get the lowdown on this. This is a change that is going to be required of all online marketplaces and all sellers over a period of time, including Ebay. It's not only Paypal, but all similar financial payment systems requiring this of all sellers over the coming months and years - an industry-wide transition.

The types of Paypal accounts have changed, and they are: 1. Personal Account for buying only and to send money to friends and family 2. Individual Seller Business Account for sole sellers and small businesses who sell online and 3. Corporate Business Account for retail merchants and the big greedy corporations :-). Yes, you probably have been able to sell elsewhere with your personal account up until now, but that is changing, mainly due to government Security Regulations (Patriot Act and fraud regulations) - basically to verify that you are a real person with Experian Credit Reporting. There are also some other helpful reporting/data/accounting features that you will be able to use that are not available with a personal account. Upgrading to an individual business account does not mean you have to have to start a business, or get a business license, or get a business name, or that you get reported to your city, state or IRS, etc. It's simply some red tape that we all will have to fool with for a minute. The biggest benefit to you is that buyers can pay you via paypal with any credit card even if they do not have a PayPal account.

So at the link below you will be asked to upgrade to a individual seller business account where the first step is to choose individual or corporate. When you choose individual (unless you ARE running an incorporated business) you will have to fill in the blanks for name, birth date, social security number, and a "business name" - which can be your first and last name if you do not have a business name , which I am recommending everyone to do, as a matter of trust and recognition on DrumSellers and any other marketplace. Sellers with real names always do better. You will be given the option of giving your bank account info as a back up funding source but you DO NOT HAVE TO do this to upgrade.  Thanks and if you have any questions please email or call me 330 338 6035

Who do I contact if there is a problem with payment or delivery? 

DrumSellers has no liability concerning payment and delivery between buyer and seller. If you cannot solve any financial problems through email with the buyer or seller, Paypal will handle all mediation concerning your Paypal disputes, chargebacks, non-delivery,  etc.  We urge you to try to work this out between buyer and seller before going to Paypal. We will attempt to mediate in that process if you ask us to.

Does DrumSellers collect sales tax from the buyer? 
NO and we are not required to legally because we are not selling anything. DrumSellers is basically a flea market that gives free booths to sellers and gets paid a 4% fee of their sales. 

Do sellers have to collect sales tax from the buyers? 
That is up to you. Collecting and paying sales tax to 50 different states is a big bucket of worms. If you are operating a commercial business that has a local business license and a state sales tax number then this may come in to play. We have not seen any individual small sellers collect sales tax on this site.

What is the "VIP members sales only" order/listing type?
That is strictly for DrumSellers employees and associates. Do not use it without permission. If you do, it will be changed to another order type by the staff.

How do I pay the 4% commission? 
It is automatically deducted by Paypal and deposited in DrumSellers' Paypal Account. 

Can I sell without Paypal online payment; cash, check, money order, etc. ?   
Drumsellers is configured to accept online payment only. If you don't have access to Paypal  then contact us and we will look at possible solutions.

A price must be stated in any sales listing, not $0.

Also, do not put $ signs, or cents, or the cents period in the price box. Just round dollar prices: 450, not $450.00 

Does Drumsellers accept consignments? 

Yes. The fee is 10% if we post the listing/accept the payment for you while you ship the item. The fee is 25% if you can get the item(s) to us and we handle everything, including the shipping.

What if I don't know the shipping price? 

If you want to choose shipping but have not determined a shipping price, you may put $0 in the box. Stipulate in your description that shipping will be determined by the seller to the buyers’ zip code, then work that out with the buyer.

Make sure that your shipping address is on file in your paypal account. 

DrumSellers does not send buyers’ shipping address to the seller.

How do I edit price, description, pictures, close a listing, etc.? 

Go to your listing and click on the edit link in the right hand column on a computer. On a phone that link is at the bottom of the listing. Click edit then scroll to change the different features, then save.

What about refunds? 

I suggest that your put "only if damaged shipping" in the refund box. I recommend that you offer money back, minus shipping costs, if the customer is not satisfied for any reason. You do not have to put this in writing unless you want to. This is not mandatory, but it is good practice. It will instill trust between buyer and seller. Also, if your item sold once, it will sell again.  

GOOD SELLER practices:

Write good accurate descriptions, use very good pics with lots of light (preferably outside), and don't sell any junk here. No broken drum heads, prints of drum ads, etc. This is not Ebay, CraigsList or Facebook Marketplace. Be a good seller. Pack the gear well, ship promptly, give feedback, stay in touch with your buyer. 

1. Post a picture and your real name. 

This creates trust between seller and buyer which helps your sales. 

2. Your identity will be verified. 

The administrator may contact you via email, Facebook or phone to vet you. This is how we weed out fraudulent sellers.

3. All communication between buyers and sellers must be via the DrumSellers internal messaging system. All messages may be monitored by the administrator.

4. When you CONTACT someone for information:

- Do not ask for or give email addresses or phone numbers. 
- Do not ask anyone to look at your listings on other sales sites like Ebay, Reverb, Facebook, etc. 
- Do not ask anyone to "go around" the DrumSellers site to make a direct deal. If you need to make a direct sale with someone who does not want to use DrumSellers or PayPal, email or call George Lawrence to get permission and to discuss the 4% commission payment.
- Please realize that we can see all conversations made via the contact button.

5. You must accept emails from DrumSellers: the automatic daily or weekly updates about the latest listings, and occasional newsletters from the administrator. The daily email update is a default setting. You can change to just weekly updates. To do this, click on your picture, choose settings, then choose notifications. Under newsletters, choose daily or weekly emails. Also choose to "accept occasional emails form the team".  Also review your notification choices on that page.

Got a question? email administrator George Lawrence or call 330 338 6035