Taye Parasonic 6 pc set - Exc. cond. $1500

$1500 Shipping is an estimate. If more, buyer pays exact shipping. This is my personal Taye Parasonic kit from when I was a Taye endorsing artist. I used them on a number of performances and recording sessions. This is Taye's top of the line kit. It has been well cared for. There are some very minor scuffs - the chrome is in excellent shape. I owned a number of Taye kits, mostly Studio Maple models, and I was a Taye dealer at my George's Drum Shop where I sold a lot of Taye drums of all models. The Finish is a Deep Ocean Burst stain with high gloss lacquer. The snare is a Metal Works model, Brushed Black Nickel Brass shell. Sizes are 10x8.5, 12x9, 14x14, 16x16, 22x18, 14x5. Slide Trak tom mount (like DW) and floor tom legs included. Snare Stand is not included. Remo heads all around.

From the Taye website: "ParaSonic combines hand-selected sheets of two of the most popular woods used for manufacturing high-end drums: maple and birch. We use the natural characteristics of each wood to create a tailored sound for each drum and its purpose within the set. That being said, maple has a naturally warm, well-rounded tone, with a balanced mix of bottom end punch, lower mid-range warmth, and hi-end attack. Birch, on the other hand, has naturally brighter tone, with accentuated highs resulting in increased attack and presence. ParaSonic's rack toms utilize a blend of maple and birch with a thicker shell to produce brighter tone, increased attack, and shorter sustain. Floor toms utilized 100% North American Sugar Maple with a thinner shell resulting in deeper tone and increased sustain. Lastly, bass drums feature 100% North American Sugar Maple for warm sub lows, as well as maple SoundRings for increased attack and projection.

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Seller's return policy: only if damaged in shipment or defective
Listing created Jun 20, 2021

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