Vintage 28" Zildjian ride cymbal That's not a TYPO !!!

Not actually a drum BUT it's probably bigger than any drum you own. A vintage ZILDJIAN 28" ride cymbal. Have owned it and have it on my Mod Orange double bass recording studio set for some 35 years. Big Bold sound with attitude. So big it doesn't fit in the picture

Listing created Jun 12, 2020

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Michael Deaton

10 months ago

Wow, never saw one that big ! Is it a special order ? How big do they make cymbals as regular stock? How big can they be made (& still be 'functional) ?? When as it made ? What's it weigh ? How wide do a stand's legs have to be for it to be stable ?

King Louie Music

10 months ago

Michael, Zildjian did offer cymbals up to 30 inches in diameter in the 60-70s and possibly longer. It weighs 5420 grams or just under 12 pounds. Since it's a perfect circle it is well balanced and would even work with a Lugwig Flush base #1400 cymbal stand but a stand with a bit more stocky and wider base would work better, Ting

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