Walberg & Auge Inc.

Walberg and Auge
A Historical Preservation Drum Company

Pronunciation: 'Auge' has a French enunciation... Oh-zhay.

Walberg and Auge is back and now registered as a non-profit corporation for historical and educational purposes.

Our mission:

Preserve and restore the historical significance and musical instruments of America's most innovative and unknown drum and musical instrument company... W&A.

Develop and publish the Walberg and Auge book that documents the past and future of W&A.
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Continue the tradition of designing and building Walberg and Auge drum sets and snare drums with the details and perfection-level craftsmanship of W&A drums built from yester-year.

Established in 1903, Walberg and Auge began as a musical instrument repair and manufacturing company that made "Band Instruments" such as drums, bells, xylophones and traps.

During the silent film era, W&A innovated and manufactured many sound effects and traps instruments. (Detailed in the 1911 and 1917 W&A catalogs supplied in the W&A book) They were the best of their kind.

During the nativity of Jazz, W&A innovated and manufactured many components which consist of the "Modern Drum Set" we know today. Ex: W&A innovated and manufactured the first high hat stand, drum throne, clamping basket snare stand, and much more.

From the 1920s – 1950s, W&A supplied these components to every American drum set manufacturer. If you have an American drum set made between the 1920s – 1950s, it came with a piece or a full outfit of W&A hardware.

Walberg and Auge also had a strong impact in music education. They manufactured a line of kinder instruments that were sold throughout the US (1930s – 1960s). They also wrote the curriculums.

Walberg & Auge saw its demise in the late 1970’s "import-industry-boom" and the history of this unknown innovative drum company was almost lost… until now.

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