To clean or not to clean?

I have a set of Zildjian hats from 60`s that look like they have never been cleaned. Should I? If so, what to use?

Listing created Aug 14, 2021

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King Louie Music

1 year ago

JP, rumor has it if you clean the dirt off of cymbals you increase the brightness of the sound and I think that is true. So that's up to you sound wise. I use Fantasik and 0000 steel wool. If the dirt is heavy then I add Amway metal polish powder to the sprayed Fantastik. Now there may be many others out there that cringe at my method but to them I can say that I have no problem sleeping at night. Ting


1 year ago

King, thank you for your thoughts. I only play at home so I think I will listen closely before

clean and after.

Over the last few weeks I have learned how to rescue a Slingerland tone control, learned a bit about the mounting carriage bolts for the Slingerland tom mount(10-24) and found that sometimes if you just wonder into a brick and mortar store and tell them about the bolt, washers and nut you need one set of they will actually help you out!

So, the cleaning would be another learning experience. (Never too old they say)

Thanks again, JP

Bruce Pearce

1 year ago

Hi JP, with 60's Zildjian hi hats you likely have lathed finish cymbals with stamped in logos and no screen printed labeling. First off, for cheap and easy get some Bar Keepers Friend, it is cheap, comes in a can, in powder form. Get some very damp rags and apply the powder and rub lightly at first, you'll see results immediately, keep going with this process and very quickly you should brighten up the appearance, might be all you need. Dry and shine up with dry rags to finish. There are a bunch of youtube videos on Bar Keepers Friend for cymbals. If the cymbals have any significant damage, green corrosion, dark spots etc you'll need more than polishes, for that you should check out Lance Campeau's videos on cymbal sanding and polishing. If you have smooth highly polished cymbals or screen printed logos that you are trying to preserve you need different approaches for those. Good Luck!

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