Mike Malone's footage from the 2021 Chicago Drum Show

Thanks, Mike! Everybody at the show was pretty excited that the show was back! You can see the DrumSellers/Famous Drums/Not So Modern Drummer booth clips from about 2:19 - 2:37


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2 years ago

Probably a good thing I missed the show. I would have come home completely broke!! Saw some great stuff in that video that I would love to have!

George Lawrence, administrator

2 years ago

You still have some money? Well then, buy something here dang it! :-)

Steve Zemanek

2 years ago

Without question the best Chicago Drum Video I’ve seen. SAZ

James Knapp

2 years ago

Seattle needs a drum show. Never been to one. Is there a list of exhibitors from this show?

Gregg DeCarlo

2 years ago

Hi Mike: I wasn't able to go to the Show but in watching your video I saw a drum I'm interested in and was wondering if you could help me identify the name of the seller who had the booth. It's about 56 seconds into the video and the person who looks like the seller has an AC DC shirt on and long dark hair. He also has a lot of drum shells at the booth. If you can in fact identify the seller I would be looking for his contact information. Thanks very much and I'll look for your reply.

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