SOLD! Pearl 4x14 wood piccolo snare drum - Like New! $199

Pearl 4x14" wood piccolo snare drum in like new condition. A very popular model. No scratches, no wear. Only use is on top drum head. Used by a professional. If shipping is more than $25, buyer must pay difference before item is shipped.

from the Pearl literature: "These versatile drums can be used for secondary effects as well as be used as a main snare drum. They’re available in a range of sizes to complement any musical style. Available in #102 Natural Maple finish.


M1440 Piccolo

14” x 4”

6 ply Maple

1.6mm Steel





quantity: 1
Seller's return policy: only if damaged in shipment or defective
Listing created Mar 23, 2020

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Neil Santell

5 months ago

Are you interested

In any vintage snare

drum trades for your


George Lawrence, administrator

5 months ago

Hey Neil, that drum was sold and I failed to remove the listing. Thanks for reminding my old brain. If I see another one I'll contact you. Always in interested in vintage drum trades, George

Neil Santell

5 months ago

Thank you.

Just catching up on things.

New listings,etc.

By the way just relisted 70's

Ludwig standard.

Any opinions on that.

George Lawrence, administrator

5 months ago

Great! I would suggest putting a picture or two of at least one of the drums that is taken outside to get an accurate portrayal of the color. Also I would check shipping and put $1 as the shipping (you have to put something in there, zero won't work) but put in the front of the description that you "will ship, shipping is not $1, and buyer pays exact shipping in second payment after shipping total is determined". It is possible that when a buyer sees "pickup" but no shipping price it might throw them. He might think you will not ship and not read all the way down to the bottom of the description where you say that buyer pays shipping. I can't advise you on price, the corona virus market is not a seller's market. Stuff is going for low prices because drummers need to pay the light bill and the rent. My strategy, especially on very desirable vintage pieces is to put a high price on it and have a lower price in mind that you will settle for. Anybody really interested will make an offer. I usually mark up about 20% because most offers are usually 15 to 25% off the high asking price. That is a clean kit, especially with the complete hardware package. I say stand your ground and get the highest price possible. There are many major touring and recording drummers who were using these kits before the virus cancelled everything.

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