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Tommy Thomas, born in 1901, was a very well known A-list Chicago drummer in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and the 60s. He retired in 1968 after 20 years playing drum-set and percussion (5 mornings a week) on the Don McNeill Breakfast Club Radio Show. The Tommy Thomas Percussion Library book is a 334-page collection of Tommy’s lessons, music materials, personal correspondence with other drummers and drum manufacturers. Tommy began his collaboration in the 30s with W. F. Ludwig Senior.

Tommy’s book contains excerpts from his authored books, documentation and posters. These include Tommy’s endorsement advertisements with Ludwig, Gretsch, Zildjian and Slingerland. One Hundred Sixty Five pages of Tommy’s hand written printed lessons, historical music documentation and Tommy’s Tips.

This 334-page book is a window into a time period of music, entertainment, drumming history and more. A lifetime tool for drum teachers; drum students and those interested in drums, drumming, percussion and music.

The Tommy Thomas Percussion Library

Tommy Thomas 1901-1995

This book is 334 pages and includes Tommy’s lessons, biographical information, music history and more.

The following are a page details about the sequence of the book.

(Pages 1 through 122)

Forward: Ron Hefner
Who is Tommy Thomas?
Bret Nichols
Not So Modern Drummer Bret Nichols interview
Tommy lesson notes
Tommy interview by Elda Nichols
Vaudeville in the 20s and 30s
Tommy 1935 Slingerland/Zildjian advertisement
Tommy double foot pedal
Tommy endorsements
Tommy’s Radio King endorsements
Tommy and Sam C Rowland tympani book
The don McNeill breakfast club (1933-1968)
Ted Reed
Buddy’s set up
Lesson information
Tommy’ prints
Percussion technique 1937
Ray Bauduc
Transcriptions from Dixieland Drumming 1937
Tommy’s original Ludwig 1937 Speed King ad
Louie Bellson

(Pages 123 through 334)
Tommy’s drum lessons
Theory 123-132
Elementary ambidextrous technic 133-138
Dedicated to you 139-144
Sticks up 145-153
Accents 154-168
Without accents 169-178
Tied rolls 179-188
Finger drumming 189-191
Two against three 192-194
Common denominator 195-202
Time signatures 203-215
Traveling beats hands and feet 216-250
Movable circle 251-293
Tommy’s tips 294-330
My first lesson with Tommy Thomas - Michael Welch

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