SOLD! 1954-55 Slingerland Radio King drum set, white marine pearl

Slingerland 1955 Radio King set. Sizes are 14x22 16x16, 9x13, and 5.5x14 single ply Radio King snare drum. In excellent condition. The cymbal and snare drum stand are not included but are for sale.

Here at Not So Modern Drummer I don't often see them arrive in such good and complete operating condition. The story on this kit is that the gentleman in Buffalo NY who sold them to me was given these drums by a neighbor who was going to throw them out (yikes!) Rather than ship them, he drove them from Buffalo to my wife's home town in North East Ohio where my wife picked them up and brought them home to Memphis. They were dirty and there was some minor rust, but they cleaned up nicely. For months, I have considered keeping these and playing them on gigs because I've always wanted a Radio King set in these modern sizes...but since I have more kits than I can play, I decided that my drum "jones" was getting the best of me and I'm going to let them go to someone who can really use and appreciate them.

All nickel plated metal exterior parts have been cleaned with Metal Rescue Rust Bath and is 99% free of rust. The nickel plating is in good condition, typical of a 65 year old drum set. Some aging shows on the lugs, but they still shined up. The floor tom nickel plated rims did not come out as clean as the other metal rims; they show some "blanching" or "mottling" of the finish which I believe could be corrected by someone who knows a lot more about nickel finishes than I do.

All shell hardware is complete, original and functioning. Includes clamp on spurs, bass drum hoop mounted cymbal holder, and bass drum hoop mounted muffler. All calf skin heads are the originals that came with the kit. Pictures show calf only on the bass and floor tom, but I have all of them except for the snare side head. I am sure that the original heads on the bass drum and toms were never removed before I did, only the snare heads. If you want plastic heads instead, or both calf and plastic, let me know and we will work something out. Structurally, the shells are in perfect condition and the drums sound great at low, medium and high tunings. The snare wires are original and sound bright and snappy after cleaning them. The snare strainer assembly is in perfect operating condition. The snare drum is one of the best sounding Radio King one ply shells I've ever played or heard.

Wear and tear: I repainted the black bass drum hoops. There is one spot on the back of the mounted tom where the wrap has been scratched slightly from snare rub, but the wrap is still holding: so minimal that I didn't even notice it upon first inspection. The fading of the white pearl finish is even on all drums. The snare drum is slightly less faded than the other 3 drums, but not by much. There are a few small "spots", tiny brown or black dots on the finish here and there, that did not come out with my initial cleaning, but nothing that is easy to see. When I disassembled the lugs to clean them, I took out the felt packing that Slingerland put around the springs to keep them from vibrating. Some of them were deteriorated so I did not put any of them back in the lugs. I will include those in a plastic bag if you want to replace them, but I personally don't think it is necessary.

Shipping is not $1. Shipping and insurance will be calculated for the buyer's zip code from Memphis TN 38117and paid in a second payment before shipping. I'm estimating somewhere between $100 and $200 depending on your zip code and how you choose to have them packed: nested or boxed individually.

Please message call me if you have any questions. 330 338 6035

Article about refurbishing this kit at Not So Modern Drummer

Seller's return policy: only if damaged in shipment or defective
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Listing created Feb 7, 2020

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terry laurenzio

9 months ago

Wish I had the extra cash and space for this one.

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