SOLD! Set of Bosphorus Cymbals early 2000's

I was a Bosphorus endorser in the early 2000's when they first entered the US market. These cymbals were hand selected by me on a visit to the Norcross, GA office in early 2003. Originally these were going to The Music Loft where I had a teaching studio to be used on my studio kit so they have "The Music Loft" scrolled in marker on the bottoms of the cymbals. However, Guitar Center purchased The Music Loft not long after these were selected and I got booted out of GC because they didn't offer in store lessons at the time. I stayed on with Bos for several years afterwards and I never used these for teaching and put them away in a cymbals case where they have remained, except for three occasions over the years where I used them in a recording studio. The ride is actually the prototype used for the Rikki Rockett Signature Ride. I have hundreds of cymbals and need to start thinning the heard so these are on the chopping block. I put $100 for shipping but it may be more, may be less, not sure. Great cymbals and they sound awesome as a set. Let me know if you have any questions, want more Bosphorus history or want a video of them in action.

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George Lawrence, administrator

1 years ago

Sizes, types and weights?

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