Wanted 20" Gretsch Round Badge 60's era White Pearl BD

Wanted 20" Gretsch Round Badge White Marine Pearl Bass Drum, to complete my set. Must be clean, no mods, and all original. I know it's a long shot to find this one as nice as the toms are. They are all original including the heads!

Listing created Nov 5, 2019

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roger murdock

3 years ago

Hi Frank- I have a 20" Gretsch WMP with calf heads. Pretty sure it's a 50's drum (3 ply?). Bought it from (and even older) gentleman about 10 years ago because it was in such great shape and I had the idea which it seems you had as well of putting a kit together. I've kind of given up on finding an 8x12 and 14x14 so maybe it can go your way so at least one of us has that kit! If you'd be interested, I can take pics this weekend and send them to you.

Frank S Cappuccio

3 years ago


I would love to have a look at it. The two shells I have are 6 ply, and in perfect condition.

I'm thinking it's a rare BD I'm looking for, but you never know.

Thanks Frank

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