Michael Shrieve and a Super Classic

By Kurt Ekstrom
It is the year 1969. Imagine being a young 20-year-old drummer on tour for the first time playing to large audiences that were not familiar with your band, as the record had not come out yet. A lot of excitement was in the air, people were very open to new music and you and your band, Santana was on fire as you just came off a string of shows booked across the country leading up to this moment. This string of shows would culminate with this performance at a festival known as Woodstock on August 16, 1969. The event was unorganized as thousands upon thousands of young people came in droves to hear three days of music and participate in what would become the largest and most popular music festival ever. Your band is moved up to an earlier time slot than expected and instead of a night performance, you end up playing in the afternoon. All the pieces of the puzzle fit just right as the festival was filmed and as fate would have it, the song that included your drum solo spot was put into the final cut of the movie known as Woodstock; 3 days of peace love and music. Read more https://www.notsomoderndrummer.com/not-so-modern-drummer/2019/8/29/michael-shrieve-and-a-super-classic-w-video

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