SOLD! for $925 - British Drum Co. The DUKE Snare # 42 of 50

Limited edition DUKE Bog Oak snare drum 14" x 5.5 from British Drum Company - retails anywhere you can find one (they only made 50) for around $1100. This one is "as new", never even tapped with a stick or placed on a stand.

Story: I ordered this a year ago from a great dealer I do business with. By the time it arrived 12 months later, I was downsizing my collection (and my budget) but felt an obligation to the dealer to complete the deal because he's been extremely generous and straight with me over the years.

When the box arrived, I opened the double-boxed packing, removed the drum from the plastic wrap to take a look, knowing I was not going to be able to keep it, and then re-wrapped it and re-boxed it.

The only difference between this one and one you order "new" is I opened the thumb-seal on the interior box to see the Certificate of Authenticity from BDC. So you can save $ here if you want to own one of only 50 of this model.

In addition to photos of this specific drum (first 6 photos), I added some online additional photos.

From BDC website: "3000 years of refinement.... At the heart of this very special limited edition snare drum is a spectacular shell made from 3000 year-old bog oak. The bog oak, carbon dated to approximately 1000BC, has been crafted into a 6mm thick 10-ply shell using our cold mould process in our UK factory. We’ve then added a further 2-plys in bog oak reinforcement rings and round-over bearing edges to further unleash the naturally warm and dark sound of this incredible wood.The Duke features 10-lugs, single-flange chrome plated hoops, mini butterfly claws, 24ct gold-plated slotted tension rods and is our first snare to feature our smooth-action Palladium MKII snare strainer."

14 x 5.5

3000 year old Bog Oak shell

Individually numbered series badge.

Remo USA Skins

4.5mm rolled steel hoops

Vintage style mini claws

24 carat gold tension rods

Palladium Lugs

Palladium MKII Strainer

Brass Snare Wires.

quantity: 1
Seller's return policy: Read description & check photos, please, no refunds
Listing created Aug 6, 2019

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