Slingerland Radio King snare

Slingerland Radio King snare 8" x 14" Black Diamond Pearl, mostly original hardware. Bought this many years ago in North Carolina and wondering what it is worth nowadays. It's a great drum and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Big warm sound. I'm in Toronto but can bring to the States in August.

Listing created Jul 4, 2019

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Troy Efird

11 months ago

Hello, I have a 7 peice Slingerland set with the Black Diamond pearl finish made in the 70's. I've had this kit for 34 years now and I'm in the process of restoring it. Although my snare is solid chrome. This is the first snare I have seen with the Black Diamond wrap. Awesome peice you have there!

Giuseppe Facchetti

10 months ago

If everything was original it could be worth like 1000/1500 $, maybe a little more.

But the lugs are not the same that should go with the badge, the clamshell mechanic doesn't look like it's the original one (the lever is not visible)... the wire is not original... there's a hole with a screw on top of it, that shouldn't be there... the muffler is missing (and the original cost at least 100$)... the hoops are original though...

so, to cut it short... a little "frankenstein" like this - pardon me saying that - could be worth 600 $ maximum...

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