Vintage Concert Rack Toms, 14"13"12"10". 3 Gretsch USA 1 S-and

These are factory original toms, with each of the Gretsch drums (10" x 14", 9"x13", 8" x 12" respectively), having their original paper Gretsch tags inside them, silver-coat treatment on the inner portion of the shell, with the early 1970's stop sign badges with the elongated "T" in the word "Gretsch", and the 10" Slingerland (x 5" deep) having its original badge, dating to the same time period as well. The three Gretsch concert toms, have their original die cast hoops. The Slingerland 10" has its original stick saver hoop.
Note that the tags reveal the consecutive model numbers of each Gretsch tom. The drums are in factory original condition, with their original die cast hoops, but for the replacement of the original Gretsch mount hardware with two Ludwig mounts, with Ludwig logo) one Slingerland mount on the 12" Gretsch, and the original Slingerland mount on the Slingerland.(regarding which there are no holes). (Substituting mounts was not uncommon back in the day)
I am including mount arms for all four drums, so that you need not search for same. Making this an even better potential acquisition.
Four across the top never looked nor sounded better.
RACK TOMS (4), Three are Gretsch classic concert toms, 14"x 10", 13" x 9" and 12" x 8 ". One is a 10" Slingerland. The three Gretsch drums have the classic early 1970's (the first style stop sign badge) Stop Sign Badges, have die cast hoops, and as well the Gretsch USA label on the interior of the drums. Those labels state that the 14" tom is Model Number 4442, Serial number 29480; the 13" tom is Model Number 4441, Serial Number 29432; and the 12" tom is Model Number 4440, serial number 42704, All three Gretsch drums have silver interior factory application. All original lugs on all three drums. The 14" and 13" 6 lugs; the 12" 5 lugs. All three have their original heavy duty die cast hoops. All heads are recently replaced quality heads/ The 14" and 13" toms have Ludwig mounts. No extra holes drilled in any drum. The 12" tom has a Slingerland Mount. The fourth rack tom is 10" Slingerland model with Black on Brass Niles badge, Serial Number 220470. It has its original Slingerland mount. All original except for replacement batter head. All four rack toms are three ply with maple exterior ply/ .
All drums match in shading of shell, and light partial sanding.
All hardware is in very good to excellent condition on all drums, with no noticeable rust nor pitting.
All drums are in round, tune well, hold tune, and are very musical and complimentary sounding
The kit in its original configuration sported four toms up top, and 2 booming floor toms,(one 16" and one 18", Ludwig) below, with matching 24" Ludwig Bass drum purchased by the prior owner new in 1972
All drums part of this set are amongst the finest ever made. They sound terrific together.
All drum shells are in tact. My intent originally was to fully sand down the lacquer off all the drums, and apply a gloss clear finish to the beautiful maple exteriors.
That job has been partially done.

Note all drums come with mounting and mount arm hardware .

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