Seeking info for Rimmel Drum Set

Sun, Nov 18, 1:48 AM

Dear Mr.George Lawrence ,

My father in law, professional drummer, passed away and left us his original 8 pieces Rimmel drum set .Since nobody else in the family plays the drums We have decided to give this set away to someone that can really enjoy it and appreciate its historical value
While i was looking on the internet to find more info about the Rimmel drums, their story and value ,i saw your page and i was impressed .I think you are the most suitable person to give me the information im looking for .Basically i would like to give them in a fair price that will make both ,me and the new owner, happy.This set is Located in Thessaloniki Greece .
I Thank you in advance for any piece of info,model,year of production ,price estimation,that you can provide me wIth and i wish you the best !
Best Regards

Listing created Nov 29, 2018

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George Lawrence, administrator

2 years ago

Hi Mr. Sannis,

I don't know much about Rimmel. I will post this request for info on my sites and let you know if detailed information is posted. There's not much of a market for obscure European vintage drum sets in the U.S., so I would put them up for sale in Europe. Wini at Hidehitters in Amsterdam might be able to steer you toward potential buyers - . If those are the higher end birch shell model then I would ask $1000 for them and see what offers are made.

Here is a link to info I found:

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