George's List of Cymbals for sale

This is my text list of new and used cymbals for sale. Some have been listed and some have not. Details , more pics and prices will be posted in the individual listings. Until then, please call if you are interested in any of them. Some are mine, some are consignments. Check back often as I update it with new additions from my stock of over 300 Zildjians, Paistes and Sabians. Any cymbal that has sold will be removed from this list and placed in the SOLD category.


On consigment for S.J.
14" Formula 602 hats, no ink logo, early 60s, bottom cymbal is cracked at hole 1/2" $175.00
13" Signature Dark Crisp Hi Hats pair vg+ SOLD
13" Signature Medium Hi Hats pair, vg+ $225.00
14" pair Sound Formula Heavy Hi Hats pair vg sold
14" Signature Sound Edge Hi hats pair, exc $250.00
14" Sound Creation Dark Sound Edge hi hats pair, black label, VG $450.00
15" 2002 Sound Edge hi hats, pair, red label, new $275.00
16" Formual 60s paper thin, black label, red model ink, exc. + $275.00
17" Formula 602 thin crash blue label, exc. sold
17" Signature Full Crash, Vg+ $160.00 SOLD
18" 2002 Crash red label vg+ $230.00
18" 2002 Medium red label new $230.00
18" Formula 602 China blue label exc. sold
18" Formula 602 thin crash blue label exc. sold
18" Signature Full Crash exc. $175.00 SOLD
18" Signature Thin China, exc. $175.00
18" Sound Creation Dark Crash, new $450.00
18" Sound Creation Dark Flat Ride, black label , vg+ $400.00 SOLD!
18" Sound Creation Dark Ride black label hollow model ink, vg+ $350.00
18"Formula 602 paper thin black label, red model ink, exc. ++ $300.00
19" Signature Full Crash VG+ $200.00 SOLD
20" 2002 Novo China red label vg+ $250.00
20" Formula 602 Heavy, blue label, new $350.00
20" Formula 602 Medium, blue label, VG $350.00
20" Paiste Ride exc.+ $225.00
20" Signature Dry Dark Ride exc. $300.00
20" Signature Full Crash exc. $350.00
20" Signature Full Ride, VG+ $225.00
20" Signature Rough Ride exc. $375.00
20" Signature Rough Ride exc. $375.00
20" Sound Creation Bell Ride $400.00
20" Sound Creation Bright Ride, Black label vg+ $400.00
20" Sound Creation Dark ride vg+ $500.00
20" Sound Creation New Dimension medium dark ride, exc. $400.00 SOLD!
21" Formula 602 Heavy, blue label, VG+ $350.00 SOLD!
21" Pre- Signature Ride (no sig label, only Paiste) exc.+ $225.00
22" Formula 602 Medium Ride, sizzles, blue label , exc.++ sold
22" Paiste Ride, prototype, 1 of 67, no ink, heavy and dark, low pitched, VG $850.00
22" Signature Rough Ride vg+ $450.00
24" 2002 Ride Red label new $265.00

14" Z Custom Mastersound 14" hi hats $150 Exc++ like new (on consignment from A.W.) $200 obo

grading system
Mint = Preferably new in the bag, never used, never hit with a stick, no fingerprints or tarnish. Kept in new condition. We rarely use this description.
Exc. + = Excellent plus: little to no wear, stick marks and some fingerprints only, no tarnish, like new.
Exc. = excellent ; little to no wear, stick marks only, no tarnish.
VG + = very good plus ; very little wear, stick marks, slight tarnish spots
VG = very good: moderate wear, stick marks, moderate tarnish spots

Good = good condition; more than moderate wear and tarnish, stick marks
Fair = fair condition; heavy wear and stick markets, moderate to heavy tarnish, but in good structural and sonic working condition.
Poor = heavily used, physically and cosmetically worn, but in good playable condition

WOK :-) = Not in playable condition for various reasons except maybe as a trash or stack cymbal.

wear = evidence of use: can be any degree of any of the following - fading, peeling, paint or wrap missing, scuffs, scratches, dings, dents, keyholing, pitting, rust, tarnish, bends, "flea bites", etc. - any kind of deterioration of the physical condition of the instrument. Note each type of wear in your description
Wear on heads is sometimes not included in the wear description, though head condition should be noted in the general description and pics.

Listing created Sep 21, 2018

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