Letter to the editor - about the White Paper

I got this email from Paul Fairweather recently. Some of you might find this interesting.

" Hi, I used to subscribe to the magazine 10 yrs ago. There was a paper list of vintage gear that came out separate from the mag.
There were probably dozens of people listing vintage gear for sale. Is that still going on apart from your sellers.com site.
Thanks Paul"

(Sent via Not So Modern Drummer)

George Lawrence :
Hi Paul, and thanks for your interest in DrumSellers.com. We stopped printing the Not So Modern Drummer paper magazines in 2012 and went all digital. The magazine was converted to a monthly email newsletter. NSMD started as a quarterly black and white newsletter on John Aldridge’s typewriter in 1988. That eventually became a black and white classified section in the middle of the color print magazines called the “White Paper”. When I bought the business from Bill Ludwig III (B3) in 2009, there were not enough classifieds being submitted to continue the White Paper, mainly due to Ebay - but it has been my goal, for ten years now, to revive the White Paper online. I’ve tried many formats like forums, Facebook groups, and separate classified sites, etc., but the DrumSellers.com peer to peer marketplace platform is the first one that has really clicked with the public. It has been in beta test mode for three months while the bugs have been worked out and I am promoting and publicizing it now. I thought about calling it the White Paper for a second but the domain whitepaper.com was taken. You might have noticed that the NSMD articles are being published there. You can choose daily, weekly or monthly email updates, which was something I hadn’t planned on. It was a pleasant surprise function of the software that I’m using. The coolest thing about it is that I am gathering so many of the White Paper classified advertisers back into the fold and rebuilding that community. Please get involved and I would appreciate any suggestions and questions you have.

Yours truly,

George Lawrence
Memphis, TN

Listing created Aug 4, 2018

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