Quick Torque Cam (single) free shpg and handling

Modeled after the cam on a compound bow, The Quick Torque Cam is an after-market add-on that can be installed on just about any pedal without any permanent modification. In summary, it uses a unique, adjustable design to maximize the efficiency of any force you apply to the pedal.

Using The Quick Torque Cam on the return spring reduces the pressure required to push the pedal down, while multiplying the return force generated by the return spring. The yield is that the pedal returns the beater 30% faster with less spring tension which provides more impact.... It's simple physics and simply WORKS!

Please specify which pedal you will use this on. Available for double pedals also for $99.99

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l-dAAavYbc

Seller's return policy: only if damaged in shipment or defective
quantity: 1
Listing created Aug 2, 2018

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