1947-49 Slingerland 7 x 14 Blue Diamond Pearl Radio King

by Mike Curotto

Hi all,

This drum has been in my collection almost from the start (1995). My good friend Al Schneider aka The Drum Doctor had given me this drum on a permanent loan basis. I’m in between restorations so I figure it’s about time that I clean this all original puppy.


This seems to be an un-cataloged finish per Rob Cook’s THE SLINGERLAND BOOK (page 126).


The Blue Diamond Pearl wrap is in excellent condition but I cleaned and polished the wrap anyway. The solid maple shell is in round (dear diary) and the calf heads fit nicely without any un-necessary tweaking. I did notice some type of factory “patch job” on the interior of the shell. I’m thinking the post-Depression/post-WWII era commanded the use of all materials. The wrap covers whatever the problem was. The aluminum badge is very clean with a tight grommet. All in all the shell is in excellent condition.


The all original, nickel plated hardware is in great shape and cleaned up and polished up nicely. The original extension snares are in perfect shape including the tin strips.

Enjoy! - Mike Curotto

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Author: Mike Currotto
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Listing created Jun 12, 2018

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Kevin Coggins

2 years ago

Hi Mike - I joined the drumsellers group just to send you this note :) . I have a drum so similar to the one you have here that it is uncanny. In fact I think I did an article on it in an old NSMD issue way back when John first started incorporating pictures in the publication. My drum was a rescue mission I came across in the early '90's and was my first attempt at truly restoring a vintage drum; I used a Blue Diamond wrap and have never regretted it! John A. connected me with some interesting characters who helped a great deal in the process. I 'd send you a picture but I don't know how to do the upload yet. Anyway - best to you you and yours! Kevin Coggins

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