Things sellers need to know

Thanks for becoming a seller at

A few things to be aware of that are different from other marketplaces:

  1. Accept the buyer’s payment
  2. Close your ended listings
  3. Convert your Paypal account to a business account (free)
  4. Subscribe to the daily, weekly or monthly feed
  5. Types of listings without prices or buy button
  6. You can sell for cash....BUT
  7. You can put all your contact information
  8. Cross post your listings’ links, especially to Instagram

  9. Remember that you have to accept the customer’s “request” to buy within three days. A customer clicking on buy does not automatically send you his payment. You will get an email prompting you through this. You must respond to the request email and click accept or reject. We think this is a good idea for many reasons - The buyer has committed but it gives the seller pause to consider any other possible factors before accepting the customer’s money.

  10. You have to manually close your listing after it sells by checking the close the listing box. The listings do not automatically close when someone clicks on buy or when you accept their money. We will work on getting that remedied with the platform provider.

  11. Paypal requires that you convert your Paypal account to a business account to use a marketplace platform like DrumSellers. There is no charge for this and it makes it possible for your buyers to use their credit card at the paypal site if they don’t have a paypal account. It’s not a big deal - you don’t have to be a business - you can do this with a personal paypal account - so git ‘er done:

  12. There is a daily or weekly feed option in your account/settings/notifications. I’m requiring everyone to sign up for at least the monthly emails from administrator. The feed is a list of the latest for sale items posted since your last feed and, drum roll please, Not So Modern Drummer articles! Yep, this is how Not So Modern Drummer is going to be published daily and weekly and monthly.

  13. Your listings do not have to have a “buy” button or price on them in some categories. Other types of listing categories you can post in are auctions (in the comments), want ads, questions to the user base, free stuff, trades, announcements. You can use this to announce new products your company is releasing, drum shows, clinics, anything of general interest to the drumming community (no, don’t post your drum videos.) If you would like to publish an article for NSMD on this platform in the Not So Modern Drummer category, please get in touch with me.

  14. How to sell for cash:. If you or your customer do not want to transact through paypal or stripe, you can accept cash forms of payment. You can specify in your description of the item that you accept cash, checks, money orders, cash app, Venmo, or other phone app payments. If a buyer wants to pay like this, tell him to NOT click the buy button, and tell him how to send the money. Or, if they do click the buy button, don't click to accept the paypal payment. Close the listing immediately once you have agreed, so no one else can click BUY. Once you receive payment, you can pay the 4% commission to drumsellers via paypal. Our paypal address is or send us a check. You agreed to this in the terms of service you accepted, so you are on the honor system to pay the commission. If you don’t, there are ways to track this and we will send you a bill or delete your account.

  15. Putting your phone #, website or email in your listing. Yes! We do not restrict you like Ebay, Craigslist or Reverb. It’s your business - run it the way you want to. We want your customers to contact you, so put as much of your contact info as you want to. But remember that putting your email address out there is hacker bait. We suggest you use the onsite drumsellers email/messaging system already in place, because that leaves us a trail of communication in case we need to step in to settle a dispute. If you do publish your personal email, spell it out with spaces.

  16. To get more traffic to your listings, crosspost each listing’s link to drum forums, FB pages and groups, Instagram and other social media. Post especially to our Facebook Group: . There are Facebook groups for almost every brand of percussion gear. Find them, join them, post to them, but read their rules because some do not allow sales.

Listing created May 23, 2018

Public discussion (5)

Walberg & Auge Inc.

2 years ago

Thanks for the update!

George Lawrence, administrator

2 years ago

Yousa! Updates are daily, weekly, or monthly ; your choice.

Queen City Drums

2 years ago

George, can we accept counter offers on listed items or, is the set price the... set price ?

George Lawrence, administrator

2 years ago

Hi, yes, you can accept offers. You can contact the buyer making the offer and let him or her know that you are changing the price on the listing to the offered price so he or she can click buy at that price. No one can beat that that buyer to the punch because you must approve every buy before the transaction goes through. I don’t have a “make an offer” button because I believe it works to the seller’s disadvantage. It leads buyers to offer less when they might have paid your asking price otherwise. This site protects the seller, unlike Ebay. Anyone can make an offer via pm and you can also put “make an offer” in your description.

George Lawrence, administrator

2 years ago

I think “make an iffer” button tends to lead theseller to list at a higher price in anticipation of lower offers. I have noticed this on Reverb. I see that as smoke amd mirrors, used car salesman bs. My practice is to set a fair price and stick to it.

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