Need some help on this one. What is it?

Friend says Yammy, I thought CB or old Premier. Nope! help! Thanks, ~Matt

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King Louie Music

7 months ago

I've seen those lugs before but don't remember a name with them, the throw off looks like a Pearl. I researched the throw w/MS series but found nothing, Ting

Mark Merritt

7 months ago

Cosmic Percussion?

DJ Metal

4 months ago

Those are definitely circa 1969-1984 era CB700 Internationale series lug mounts, as I've only ever seen this style of lug on CB's International series drums, and very similar ones (with a slightly different center stamping on the lug mounts) on a few old CB "Club Kit" drums, but no telling if the lug mounts are original to that drum.

Maybe the mounts could have been installed later on as replacements of whatever the originals were?, Or an odd parts anomaly at the factory?

I think Pearl used to make an "MS Series" way back in the 70's-80's, as seen on that throw that's on it, but who would use CB700 lugs as replacements?

They weren't the best lugs and do snap off easily under tension/stress.

I DO know that some series of drums that Carlo Bruno made were the "CB700", "CB700 Internationale" and "CB700 Club Series" kits, and after the 1980's buyout of CB, the then new owners, "Kamen", added the "CB700 SP Series" and the "CB Mark Series", dropping the "Internationale" series by 1986, Mark series were the ones that usually had what the round centered "watch face" mounts and than much later on under Kamen they made their "Educational Series" drums that had entirely different lugs.

Or maybe the original wrap was removed from some old vintage CB700?

People loved to bash CB as junk, as they were low end/cheap/affordable drums, but with the right heads they can and often do sound as good as any drum out there and they are better than many of the newer low end garbage that's made nowadays!

My wife has a 1979 CB700 Internationale series kit and we've collected quite a few other CB700 drums and parts to keep her kit up and running and original as possible over the years, and I can say that we've only seen lugs like these on vintage CB's and hers still sound really good.

From what we, and I have learned, way back at one time CB drums did make wood/maple snares and a very few chrome over maple snares, but it's very rare to ever see those around.

CB were mostly only producing chrome/steel snares in the 70's and into the 80's and than the company was sold off a number of times, but at some point they did make wood marching snares, most often in a white wrap, but I'm not sure of how many years they made those.

Quite a few brands of drums were also made at the same original factory in Japan that manufactured CB's, Sun, Kent, Pearl, early Tama's (till @ 1972), US Steel, Mercury, a couple others that escape my memory at this moment and I think "Fibes" drums may have also been made there as well, along with a bunch of other long forgotten brands.

If I remember correctly, they also made guitars and pianos at that same factory.

So I'm sure due to many brands of various parts lying around, weird/odd anomalies did happen when parts shortages arose and they do exist with many vintage Ibanez guitars which were made at a factory that also made many other brands of instruments, so who knows what you really do have, it could be a Pearl with it's badge removed and CB parts installed, or it's an unwrapped CB with a few Pearl parts on it?!

But that football shaped stain does kinda look like the size and shape of the old Pearl badge.

Either way, it's a pretty nice looking snare!

Throw a Remo Falams head on it and let 'er rip! lol

The Remo Ebony K Falams II with black dot has a really cool deep, dark sound that some like, some dislike.

I currently have one on a vintage chrome over maple 1972 Ludwig Suprasonic snare that I bought my wife as a valentines day gift a couple years ago, it sounds so different from every other head we've tried on it and it does seem a bit louder.

Sorry if I went on a bit long, but I thought that at least most of the info might be helpful.

Good luck with it!

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