Yamaha Billy Cobham Signature Snare Drum - Black - Please Read


This is a used Yamaha Billy Cobham Signature Model Snare Drum that is 14” head size by 6” deep (14”x 6”). It was Made in Japan. It is in mostly, but not all, in “Very Good to Excellent ” used condition, because it is missing the original Wooden Hoops. It is currently working, with non-original “Rims or Hoops”, and because of this, it is being sold For Restoration As-Is, and For Parts. How much you would like to restore it or leave it “as-is” is totally up to you. It it functioning fine in the condition it is in.

The Details. Please Read:

The drum is in Overall Excellent Used condition for its age and what is there. There are no major dings or dents, or issues to the shell. There is one mark about an inch long on the panel between the snare butt and the badge, but it is hard to see. It’s only a light mark, and doesn’t go through the finish. Because of the finish, you will want to polish this drum to your personal taste. It does show fingerprints, etc. The snare and butt work fine. The lugs work fine. The Original Wooden Hoops Were Not with the drum when I bought it. The top hoop is a Yamaha DynaHoop in good working condition. The Bottom Hoop is a Generic Bottom hoop, that works fine, but if you look at the ends of the bottom hoop at the snare gates, both snare gates are “formed inward or downward” toward the shell. They look like they are dented in, but it is with both ends of the hoop, and the forming I believe is too smooth to not be the original design. Again, it’s both ends of the bottom hoop, and it’s too smooth to not be designed that way. Let me know if you want closeup pictures of both ends. The bottom hoop is in round. The shell has the desirable black paint on the inside. The bearing edges are good and clean. The top head is a Remo White Emperor in Very Good (Excellent) used condition. Let me know if you want a picture of the top head. The bottom head is the Original Yamaha clear head, with one minor ding in it, and a bunch of marks. You may want to change it, but it sounds and works fine as it is. You may want to change both heads, but that is up to your personal preference. The snare wires are a set of Generic 14” wires that although they are not perfect, they work fine with this drum. I am including the original 16” snare wires, so if you decide to put the wooden hoops on the drum, you will already have the correct length wires. Because of the design of the Snare Throw and Butt End, with the Extended Bridge, you will get a lot more “Snare” sound out of this drum than you may be accustomed to. Even with these normal, regular snare wires, the drum has a lot of snare sound. If you need me to check anything else, please feel free to ask any questions before buying.

Because of it “not being a totally original drum”, and you may want to “Restore it to your personal taste or liking”, it is being sold for restoration, and it is being sold “As-Is” and “For Parts” or “Restoration”. If there is something needed that you don’t see, or if you feel something is not quite listed correctly, please feel free to ask any questions before buying. Thank you.

"The Price is reflective of the cost of the Yamaha Vintage Wooden Hoops for this drum, and you may not need them any way."


Seller's return policy: As-Is. All Sales Final. Thank you.
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Listing created Dec 7, 2021

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