If you are looking at this drum, you most likely are familiar with the Fibes Drum Company and their lineage, which at a certain time, was owned by Jim Corder in Huntsville, Alabama. This is one of those drums. Except for the Heads (normal occurrence ) and the Top Hoop, The drum is totally 100 per cent original. The original top hoop was not with the drum when I bought it, so I replaced it with a 2.3mm Chrome hoop to put on the drum. The shell is wood, and probably all Maple. There were shells that went to Corder from the Jasper and Keller Shell companies, and I don’t know which company’s shell this is. The wrap is a Bronze Metallic wrap that has aged in spots, and show some wear. There are some normal nicks and signs of use on the wrap. It is tight to the shell, with no issues other than the cosmetic issues mentioned. It has 5 Vent holes, and all of the vent hole grommets are there. The bottom hoop with the snare guard is original and in good working condition with no issues. The lugs are in “good” used condition, with normal nicks and dings, but nothing major. I would probably take them off and polish them, but that is up to you. There is no real loss of chrome, pitting, or rust on any of the chrome parts. The Throw-Off / Strainer works fine, with no issues. The snare wires are all in a straight line, and all are on the frame. There are no missing snare wires or any crooked or bent wires. There was never a muffler installed on this drum , so there are no left over holes (that’s a good thing). The top head is a Remo White Coated Ambassador in Good used condition, with normal use. You can use it or change it, that is up to you. It doesn’t need to be changed at this time. The bottom head is a New Clear Generic head, that I put on the drum, because the bottom head was getting a little too old for use.

An Anvil Square Hard Fiber Case is included in the sale to protect the drum. It is also hard to find cases to fit the size of the drum because of the length of the snares. The outside of the case is in good condition, but the interior foam is worn away in a lot of spots, and completely missing on one side of the interior. You can restore it, or use it as is, that is up to you. We would probably remove the foam, and reline it with new foam, and then you would have a nice case. It is better to protect the drum during shipping, then to have it damaged upon arrival. We are still going to protect the drum inside this case for shipping.

Seller's return policy: As- Is, No Returns
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Listing created Jun 25, 2021

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George Lawrence, administrator

7 months ago

That is most likely a Jasper shell (Gretsch). Corder used Keller shells mostly for sizes that Jasper did not make.


7 months ago

Thank you for that information. : ) I was hoping a person more knowledgeable than me would be able to help a little bit with this.

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