Leedy Black Elite Engraving

So, way back when I was a young up n coming new drum collector, I remember being told that my Leedy Black Elite that I so cherished was not actually engraved but that the pattern was rolled in the shell using a die pattern. If memory serves, it was someone rather well respected in the collecting world at the time and still is to this day.
Is this fact true? Anyone have any other knowledge on this fact?

Listing created May 5, 2021

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King Louie Music

1 year ago

Lee, I heard the same thing and I think I can confirm that fact. Ludwigs, since they were hand done, show minor differences within the same patterns. I've never seen a Leedy that had any minor difference in the design, plus they had only one design that I know off which lends itself to the belief that they were stamped, Ting

Lee Redfern

1 year ago

Thanks, Ting! Confirmation from the king will do...haha!

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