Snare Rail and Wires for a 1968 15" Dynasonic Parade Snare Drum

I am looking to purchase a 15" dynasonic rail with snare wires for a 1968 Rogers parade dynasonic snare drum. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, in advance.

Listing created Mar 8, 2021

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John Scarpulla

2 months ago

Allan. I believe I have a Rogers 15in. dynasonic snare frame for a marching drum. It has nylon snares on it rather than wire snare strands. I cannot remember where i got it, maybe it came loose with some parts years ago. It is unused, I think. Let me know if you are interested and I will go retrieve it from my garage. I could shoot you a picture if you like. John

Allan Tepper

2 months ago


Thank-you do much for the note.

Since my last posting, I was able to secure a NOS 15" Dynasonic frame with nylon snares, similar to your item. My sense is that this is the type of snares that were more widely used in the 1960's with the marching / parade drums. I also have been able to retrofit a newer set of non-dynasonic wire snares to the 15" Dynasonic frame that I originally posted, but I still am looking for a set of those elusive 15' Dynasonic snappy wire snares...

Thanks, again, for the note. You do have a rare piece of Rogers history.

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