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Apologies to those of you that may have seen my post on Drum Forum, but wanted to make sure that NSMD and George got the thanks they deserve. Thanks again, George.

So, a few weeks ago I ordered all the back issues that George has at NSMD to relive all the glory years of the 90’s and beyond. Got the package and began looking through them from newest to oldest(it’s just what I do)...

I get to the very last magazine, Volume 10, No. 6, Winter 1998/99, I’m flipping through it and get to the centerfold, yes, the centerfold, and I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

I close the magazine and open it back up again. Yep, still the same centerfold. C’mon, you gotta be kidding???

I walk, ok, I ran down the hall and flipped on the light. Yep, confirmation...

A simple framed photograph that’s been hanging in my hall since ‘96, has a real history. Who knew?

I love drums...

Listing created Feb 4, 2021

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Myron K

2 years ago

That is really Cool!

George Lawrence, administrator

2 years ago

That is friggin' cool!

Lee Redfern

2 years ago

Cool, right...What I’d like to know is who submitted or wrote that article in NSMD? Was it John? Or someone else? I’m in Atlanta and I know I got that photograph at the Lakewood Antique market in late ‘96. Had it framed. And it’s been in my possession since. Interestingly, I found a ‘28 Leedy Black Elite there as well. Bought it for $75! Seriously. A few months later I found a Barry folding bass drum as well, in the original case with perfect heads. Paid $59 for that!

Oh, those were the days...

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