Slingerland Radio King practice pad, late 1940s

I coillect and research history and development of old practice pads (cheaper and easier to store than drums).
Here's my baby, a late 40's Radio King practice pad w/original stand. I don't play on this regularly, but the rubber still has some bounce so now and then I take it out for a little ride.

Pads are harder to research than vintage drums for many reasons; the closest dating I can get on this model is between 1948 and about 1953 or so. The basge was special and particular to this pad. It's harder to find one with the badge intact.

Feel free to chat with me about vintage practice pads, and let's help each other learn more. Happy drumming!

Listing created Dec 5, 2020

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Stebal Drums

8 months ago

That’s awesome Beth!! I still have my first Duplex pad from 1971. I can post a pic but don’t see a way to do that here.

Beth Hamon

8 months ago

I think you would have to create your own listing and post it there.

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