UFIP Bionic Heavy Ride Cymbal 20" 2920G Brilliant Finish

Ride is excellent used condition. No dings, dents, fleabites, or keyholing. Logos on top have been polished off over time. The bell isn't cracked and hasn't had any repairs; the unique way in which UFIP manufactures their cymbal produces that "veiny" like structure.
UFIP is an Italian cymbal manufacturer. They have been around since 1931 and have a background in working with bronze since 1847. They centrifugally cast their cymbals which is completely different from the way every other cymbal manufacturer makes cymbals. What they do is pour molten bronze into a spinning mold and form the cymbal that way. Having the cymbal spin at high RPMs while it's forming pushes any impurities to the surface of the cymbal which they then either lathe off or keep depending on the series. Casting cymbals this way produces a product with a dense structure and a fine grained surface, and it has higher fatigue strength. Play any UFIP cymbal and you'll notice they all have a bell that cuts like no other and a bow that produces a more musical tone.
The Bionic series is intended for rock and metal, and that's exactly where this cymbal excels. If you need something to cut through a mix, but don't want to sacrifice musicality and tone, then this is your cymbal. I've played countless heavy and extra-heavy ride cymbals by other big name manufacturers and 95% of them have disgusting dissonant overtones but I haven't experienced that with any UFIP cymbal.
It's low in pitch, thanks to it's low profile, so it's not harsh on the ears, and the lathing gives it a nice but controllable spread. Hammering provides some extra control and complexity to the tone. It produces a clear, defined, and highly musical note, and the bell... If you think mega bell rides have the most cutting bells you're in for a surprise; striking this rides bell is like striking a church bell. Weighs approximately 2920 grams

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Listing created Nov 17, 2020

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