Appraisal for a Leedy Shelly Manne drumset 1962 Or 1964

Hello I would like to have your appraisal for this drumset. How much please ?

What the values for that Leedy Shelly Manne:
20x14", 13x9", 14x14"+ sn 14x5"
1962 Or 1964 except for the snare 1958.
The wrap is in mint condition
Bearing edge in very good condition
Thanks for your help

Listing created Nov 10, 2020

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Paul Jamieson

12 months ago

I owned Shelly Manne's wood kit in those sizes.

He used those drums on the "Peter Gunn" recording.

I sold them to my friend Steve Jordan for $3,000..


12 months ago

Here it cost between 3900 and 3500 €

So between 4605 and 4132 dollars

David Clark

10 months ago

NICE!!!! I have a Leedy Shelly Manne sd (circa '64)!!!!

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