WANTED: someone that fixes SYNARE electronic drums

I was given the name of Bobby Shepard from Helensson.com as a person who fixes Synare drums but he is so busy that he's not repairing them anymore so again I am looking for someone that does, Ting

Listing created Aug 18, 2020

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1 year ago

I'd be curious who you find. I have one, but haven't tested it in a long while. A couple of long shots... Have you tried Bell Tone Synth Works in Philly? Pretty sure they repair EML synths (where I'll send my Electrocomp 500 someday), and Star Instruments was started by former EML employees. And would anyone at Alternate Mode have an idea, given that Bill Katoski was previously at Star?

King Louie Music

1 year ago

Yeah, I have 3 of these , one works and the other 2 don't. I had a guy here who repairs EFX pedals fix the one I'm using but he got stumped on the other two. I'll give your suggestions a shot and see what happens, Will let you know either way, thanks a bunch, Ting

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