BaDaBoom #10

Greetings: I’m Michael Welch, producer of these percussion utensils I call BaDaBooms. My current inventory of products include percussion/drum beaters, corn straw brushes, mallets and single/mono sticks. Each item is made from scratch, by hand. After I finish each unit, I play it, make updates, adjustments and improvements. These first products were created many months ago; I’ve been testing them and evaluating there construction and sound.

I foresee these being in the hands of musicians, real players, drummers and percussionist. This can be a variety of musicians, classical percussionist, frame drummers, skin drummers and world music artist. Djembe, Cajon, Timbale and more. Drumset players that perform unplugged sets. Certainly, recording drummers, percussionist.

**All corn straw brushes, mallets will flake and shred seed and leaf residue dust on your drum and floor.
* I create different variations of corn straw brushes that use the leaf and stalk ends. An audible difference can be heard.

This first batch of (10) all includes corn straw. The (2) double ended mallet/corn straw items and the (1) rod/corn straw beater.

BaDaBoom #1: This is a nice entry to the sound of my corn straw brushes. Though it’s small, it still produces a wide, fat sound. I use both ends of a corn straw stalk on certain brushes. This BaDaBoom #1, I use the leaf only for the player end. This is a simple brush for the player looking for that Jazz Sweep sound and more. (13” 48g 1.66oz)

BaDaBoom #2: (13 ½ “ long, 48g, 1.73 oz.) Handmade as all are. Rubber bands can be moved for your taste. The grip has extra glue so you can play it on drums, rims etc.

BaDaBoom #3: (13 ½” 69g, 2.43oz) I have several grip placements that I use, including center wrap. This brush is a leaf/stalk combination. You can achieve multiple sweep tones with this multi-straw brush. There is a audible difference between the leaf and stalk corn straw.

BaDaboom #4: (13 ½, 42g, 1.48oz) nice leather grip wrap. All one –of –a-kind. Extra glue at the grip, butt end that allows you to utilize that harder/rod type sound on high hat, rims, hoops. This is leaf only brush for a consistent softer sound. A great little brush.

BaDaBoom #5: (13 ½, 63g, 2.19oz.) “The Twister” I’m still thinking about a name for this style. I’ve discovered a left/right twisting technique that has interesting possibilities. This brush is a combination of leaf/stalk on each side. Bouncing, rolling and sweeping sounds are possible. Also rhythmic tapping the brush. Medium weight

BaDaBoom #6: (13 ½, 128g, 4.48oz.) Heavy and well made if you like a heavier feel. Center grip made of leather. Combination ends of stalk and leaf on each side. A really nice brush.

BaDaBoom #7 (15”, 85g, 3.00oz.) My first brush/mallet offering. This is my Jackson Pollack wrap. I would list the mallet density as soft. Great for cymbals and softer attack. Most of my corn straw brushes are 13 ½” long, this is 15” which adds a little length with the added brush combination. I play this in the video with some energy, it performs well. A fantastic percussion tool.

BaDaBoom #8 (15” , 92g, 3.25oz.) Slightly heavier than BB #7. Soft mallet beater in Red, White and Blue. Well tested and sounds great. You can trim the wrap to your desire if needed. I’ve only made a few of these mallet/corn straw combinations.

BaDaBoom #9 ( 14” , 36g, 1.27oz.) One of the lightest “Twister” style that I’ve created. But, it still produces a wide, articulate sweep sound. This is also slightly longer by ½ inch from my regular 13½-inch brushes. This has 2 individual ends, stalk and leaf, as the video demonstrates. A unique, individual corn straw brush. Nice balance.

BaDaboom #10 ( 12 ¼”, 142g, 5.01oz.) This is a very special beater. A combination of corn straw brush and rods. Special center grip with leather handle. The woven center wrap serves a playing purpose. I use the woven center for softer attack of the cymbal, high hats and more. (8) beveled rods, stained and tapered rod ends. This special piece required several hours to create. I’ve played this on my drumset, it sounds great on high hat cymbals and ride cymbal. All of my creations are special. This is one that I’m reluctantly offering to you, instead of my own personal collection. BaDaBoom

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