How's everybody doing? Lockdown/gigs?/cabin fever/etc.

How do you members of this drumming community feel? I don't know about y'all but I'm about tired of this isolation! I have cabin fever. My wife, Georgetta, and I are doing ok. Random thoughts: We are both working from home and we enjoy each other's company and get along well and laugh a lot, so that's a good thing. Managing DrumSellers and Not So Modern Drummer keeps me busy. My regular three nights a weekend gig with the FreeWorld Band on Beale Street in Memphis is on hold, though we have been rehearsing every couple of weeks and playing pop up live streaming concerts in my driveway. My church gig has been video taping for live streaming once a week and I've had a couple of private backyard party gigs. Money wise, I'll be glad when the gig money comes back but, fortunately for us, I don't have to depend on it. I'm not really practicing drums. Taking a needed break, really. Teaching a few remote lessons. More than anything, I just miss my routine and being able to go out without worrying whether I'm putting myself or others in danger. I also am getting mentally and emotionally exhausted by all the political bullshit and the tension from the civil unrest. No matter which side of the political fence you fall on (and I wish there was no fence, screw this political division) it is even worse to have all this strife on our minds constantly while we are in this lockdown. I've been trying to take a break from the news and social media. That is helping a lot. The virus is real. It's not a political ruse. I don't depend on the federal government to tell me what is shit and what is shinola. We just passed 110,000 deaths as of this writing. Agonizing deaths. Politics won't solve this; only science, medicine and money will get this under control. There are some spikes starting to show up from the first stages of re-opening, the personal relaxing or ignoring of social distancing and other personal safety measures because of crowds, gatherings. It will be a long hot summer. I think we will see a spike and a setback from that in the coming weeks and that we will learn from it and adapt our safety measures to better deal with this thing, this unkown. It won't be over until a vaccine is in place. That could be a while, probably next year. I, for one, because of my age and medical condition can not afford to risk the odds of catching this thing. Pretty sure it would kill me. My mode of operation is "better safe than sorry," so I wear a mask, sanitize, don't have close conversations or stand right next to people. I don't go out of my house or yard much at all. That said, I think there is light at the end of the tunnel. I think we could be back up to speed on gigs by the end of the year, but the situation will have changed. People don't have a lot of money to spend on entertainment right now and for the foreseeable future so we will all have to adjust to that. Anyway, I am writing this mainly to let you know that you are not alone; that all drummers, no matter what level of the music business they are operating at, are feeling this as much as you are. Let me know your thoughts. Let's talk this out. (let's leave politics and race and religion out of this discussion though - make it drum and drummer related) Thank you all for this community, this drummer brother hood. It means so much to me. George Lawrence "drum community organizer" :-)

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King Louie Music

5 months ago

" I wear a mask, sanitize, don't have close conversations or stand right next to people. I don't go out of my house " Same here... My wife Alex and I have just about the perfect life and even if they say the odds are low that if you get it it will kill you, I'm not about to test those odds. We both work eBay, have too much inventory, so we are doing quite well. Selling has been brisk on eBay, Reverb and Drumsellers so the only real change to our lives has been we have to get up at 5:45 am to go grocery shopping and no live auctions for a while. We're fortunate, (having learned much and made the right decisions the past decades) but I do feel for those you aren't as fortunate as us. Ting


5 months ago

Thanks for the update George, interesting to hear how things are "opening" around the country and other folk's day to day and forward outlook. I suspect much of the country feels the same way about the cabin fever thing and looking to get out of the house.

I was talking to my friend Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean) the other day and he said he was flying back to Nashville from LA later in the day because he had 5 sessions that he was needed on back in town. He was really nervous about flying but was anxious to get back to the studio and to some sense of normalcy. I have other friends that have returned to flying. One visited in laws in Florida a few weeks ago and another visited a factory for a work trip in Texas last week.

Personally, I have not known anyone that has/had COVID19 however, I believe I had it back in late January/early Feb. and my daughter may have had it in late Feb. We both took flu tests that were negative and the doctors did not have COVID19 tests at the time but they suspected it was coronavirus. We both had a tremendous cough and felt pretty terrible for several weeks. Fortunately, we are very healthy with no underlying conditions so we got over whatever it was. I called to schedule the antibody test but the lab here is so backed up I can't get tested until late next week.

The silver lining is I've had time to skateboard with my daughter more often and practice drums more, something that has eluded me for years now. You would think that owning a music school/retail store for 26 years allows for plenty of time behind the kit, but that's never the case. My days were filled with helping customers, solving employee issues, handling financials and all the trappings of running/growing a business. I've also discovered new drummers and caught up on some Youtube drum videos I wanted to watch.

I've also had the pleasure of moderating and hosting a few webinars for Percussion Marketing Council with Lejoe Young (Travis Tritt), Russ Garner (Jake Hoot), Rick Latham, Rich Redmond, David Stanoch (Jackson Browne) and Gorden Campbell (Earth, Wind, and Fire). Current episodes are up at and more are on the way (maybe an episode with George Lawrence?).

Thanks for running a top notch marketplace George. I've seen some really cool stuff on here and totally dig the "Show off your drums" posts. King Louie always has some incredible vintage stuff!

All The Best,


George Lawrence, administrator

4 months ago

Thanks Billy, I'd be glad to do a webinar in the future. I'm definitely in the percussion marketing business, aren't I? :-)

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