Rogers vintage 5 pc. kit w clone wood Dynasonic Snare

This is a kit that was assembled from various eras for a tribute show in Canada. The 20" bass drum and 14" floor tom are a Dayton match from about the same time . The 12" is three ply Bread and Butter era that Beavertails were installed and edges re-cut. The 13" is all original - no tag. The snare drum is a clone shell with mostly original metal parts. The top hoop is not original. The copy shell was done by a repairman/builder who knew what he was doing. The batter bass drum hoop has a crack that has been repaired but needs to be addressed again. I can do that or you can do it. The snare drum stand is not included but is for sale separately as well as a older and a newer Swivo hi hat stand and bass drum pedal. I will take any extra pictures and answer any questions. I will also add any characteristics that are pointed by anyone and any discrepancies pointed out by anyone. This will be sold as is, though, so inspect the pics carefully. Yes, it is a bit of a Frankenstein kit...but it's a pretty and great sounding Frankenstein kit. I will consider selling separate drums if this is not sold as a full kit in a reasonable time. Shipping is NOT zero dollars. Buyer will pay exact UPS shipping and full insurance to be calculated and paid after payment is made for the drums.

I passed these pics by Jack MacFeeters who is a recognized expert on Rogers drums. Here are his remarks:

"For the Blue Sparkle clone - the top hoop is not rogers. Lugs, throw, dampener, bottom and frame .. + excellent condition. Parts value on those is on the upper end of expectation. The provenance of the build adds value to the drum overall. It is a color that will find ready acceptance and is desirable. I think it should be priced at or close to the price point of the new drums, perhaps slightly below. The fact it has no badge is in its favor as far as I am concerned. There are many who would want a Blue Sparkle DS. It is unknown how long they would wait for one to be issued. It isn't a hack job.

The set drums....

The 12, is a pre beavertail number that originally wore Bread and Butter lugs. It has been extensively reworked, three ply, possibly recut. If not, Jasper shell 60 degree edges.

14x14 Holiday 83827, puts it into 1967, still Covington built. Flat Gray, very acceptable to be in a Dayton/Cleveland set up. Probably made during the time many small retailers were returning drums to Rogers because CBS had offended many by their handling of the distribution process. Hoops and rods appear to be Rogers. Condition looks very good.

Bass Drum 65440.. Dayton. Late 66 into 67. Rogers was producing about 800 a week. The bass and floor could be three to six months apart. Easily warehoused and shipped together originally. Londoner set up. With the 200+ value on the tom mounting post with arms. Interior shows signs a lot of travel without the front head.

With the Bass and floor matched to flat gray 12 and 13 toms with late Cleveland or Flat Gray Dayton tags, a set to sell in the 1000-1500 range, As you well know not every set was a set. They built drums that got boxed and racked according to color, and orders were filled with sizes. A set that shipped in 67 and a set assembled from close numbered drums in 2007, .. have about the same value, given condition. The split hoop could be repaired. or replaced.

Hope this helps. Nice looking blue sparkles"

Seller's return policy: as is. return only if damaged in shipment
quantity: 1
Listing created Nov 6, 2018

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