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Hi I sent this out today as an email to all DrumSeller users:

Just a quick update concerning Paypal/Stripe payments and Facebook Log-in. I've temporarily disabled Stripe payments and Facebook log-in until I can get them configured correctly. If you pay with Stripe and not Paypal please contact me if you need assistance.

If you have already upgraded your Paypal account then you probably don't need to know the following:

Some users have had concerns about Paypal requiring us all on to upgrade to an "individual business account". I talked to Pay1pal to get the lowdown on this. This is a change that is going to be required of all sellers online, including Ebay over the next year and a half. It's not only Paypal but all similar financial systems requiring this of all sellers over the coming months - an industry-wide transition. The types of Paypal accounts have changed and they are: 1. Personal Account for buying only and to send money 2. Business Individual Account for sole sellers who sell online and 3. Corporate Business Account for the big greedy corporations :-). Yes, you probably have been able to sell with your personal account up until now, but that is changing, mainly due to government Security Regulations (Patriot Act and fraud regulations) - basically to verify that you are a real person with Experian Credit Reporting. There are also some other helpful reporting/data/accounting features that you will be able to use that are not available with a personal account. Upgrading to an individual business account does not mean you have to have to start a business, or get a business license, or get a business name,or that you get reported to your city, state or IRS, etc. It's simply some red tape that we all will have to fool with for a minute.

So at the link below you will be asked to upgrade to a business account where the first step is to choose individual or corporate. When you choose individual (unless you ARE running an incorporated business) you will have to fill in the blanks for name, birth date, social security number, and a "business name" - which can be your first and last name, which I am recommending everyone to do, as a matter of trust and recognizability on DrumSellers and any other marketplace. Sellers with real names always do better. You will be given the option of giving your bank account info as a back up funding source but you DO NOT HAVE TO do this to upgrade. So I hope this explains why we are having to jump through new hoops for Paypal. Thanks and if you have any questions please email or call me 330 338 6035

Link: (If you get an error message about this link, you will need to log out of your paypal account on your computer for it to work.)

Thanks, George

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