SOLD! Tama Warlord Praetorian Bell Brass Snare

Price lowered from $2100 to $1700. This drum is from Steve Johnson's collection. Extremely rare. Condition is 9 out of 10 conservatively. It is in almost new condition. Barely played, if at all. Original head shows no sign of wear. There are two scratch marks in one panel that look like only the lacquer was scratched. There are also three minor scratches on the bottom hoop that looks like they came from contact with a snare stand basket. And some other very minor spots. It is being sold AS IS, with no returns for these cosmetic issues. Comes with the Tama red velvet cloth bag, but no case. These drums are rare as hen's teeth, as you probably know. There is not another used one for sale anywhere at this time. UPS Shipping is listed at $40 as an estimate to the 48 states but buyer will need to pay exact shipping with full insurance if it is higher . Buyer can pay shipping separately. Or pick up in Memphis.

(Caveat. There is no such thing as bell brass according to the metal industry and bell makers. This drum is actually made of bell bronze. Tama called it bell brass and some other drum companies called their heavy brass drums "bell brass' for a while, but they have all pretty much backed off that error now. There IS a bell bronze which is 85% copper and 15% tin - the strongest bronze. Cymbal bronze is usually 80% copper/20% tin. Brass is 60% copper and 40% zinc. The mistake came, I believe from the terms brass and bronze being used interchangeably in colloquial language describing of metals. I am using Tama's bell brass description only for identification purposes. )

"In the early 2000s, Tama released an ultra high-end series of snare drums called the Tama Warlord Collection. Four 6"x14" uniquely appointed snares made up the series: the Valkyrie in maple, the Masai in African bubinga, the Spartan in stainless steel, and the Praetorian in bell brass. The snares were inspired by and named for “the power, discipline, and élan of one of history’s elite warrior forces,” according to Tama’s 2007 catalog.

The catalog continues, “The aggressive and commanding sounds of the drums are complemented by hardware that evokes visions of the intricately decorated weaponry of the past while providing the unrestrained sound and tuning stability that only modern TAMA drum technology can provide.”

Each of the four snares features its own striking shell with Warlord Collection lugs featuring specially cut Swarovski crystals—jet black for the wooden-shelled drums and clear black for the metal-shelled drums. Each of the drums also features a “Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare” that uses strong steel for its coil to provide sharp, sensitive sound.

The Warlord Collection was discontinued after a relatively short run, and the drums are hard to come by on the used market these days."

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