Warning! Scammer! Liam Stroud

Do not contact this person. He or she has posted the same scam message to many sellers’ listings

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Joshua Carson

2 years ago

Yes. I have heard from this person.

They want to take a deal offline, give an email address, and describe circumstances that state that a significant other has the credit card, and will make arrangements for sale.

Here is a copy of the message they sent, listing the email address:

“we are interested please froward more pictures and final price to my husband at

davefriedmann6@gmail com he will complete the sale or just send the ITEM link to my husband hes with my card, im on a long duty

Thank you "

This is a classic SCAM. They are either data-mining, for identity theft, etc., or will want to send a "cashier's check," which will be forged, and receive you gear for free, which they will resell.

The Web is flied with such criminals.

Stay alert, and beware!

Mike Lumer

2 years ago

Got the same message. Scammers are terrible!!

Mark Whitmire

2 years ago

So did I; Same message, verbatim.

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