Warning! Scammer! Liam Stroud

Do not contact this person. He or she has posted the same scam message to many sellers’ listings

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Listing created May 3, 2022

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Joshua Carson

13 days ago

Yes. I have heard from this person.

They want to take a deal offline, give an email address, and describe circumstances that state that a significant other has the credit card, and will make arrangements for sale.

Here is a copy of the message they sent, listing the email address:

“we are interested please froward more pictures and final price to my husband at

davefriedmann6@gmail com he will complete the sale or just send the ITEM link to my husband hes with my card, im on a long duty

Thank you "

This is a classic SCAM. They are either data-mining, for identity theft, etc., or will want to send a "cashier's check," which will be forged, and receive you gear for free, which they will resell.

The Web is flied with such criminals.

Stay alert, and beware!

Mike Lumer

12 days ago

Got the same message. Scammers are terrible!!

Mark Whitmire

11 days ago

So did I; Same message, verbatim.

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