Scammer Alert from DrumSellers Administration

We have caught a scammer in action trying to pose as a legitimate buyer to multiple sellers today. We have banned Arline Foster,, phone # 414 792 9499 and spoke to him on the phone and messaged him warning of legal action. He was using an obvious and poor quality VOIP (voice over internet protocol). Probably not his real name and using untraceable email address and phone number BUT - If you get a message through DrumSellers from this person or from anyone using poor English asking you to contact them about picking up your item for sale from 500 miles away, paying with a cashier's check, etc., usual scammer stuff, please report it to me, George Lawrence, so I can add your report to the file. If anyone contacts you about going around the DrumSellers site and using payment other than Paypal, please call me and make sure that the person has my permission to do so. Here is the text that I received about him wanting to buy a Gretsch kit I have for sale "Hi George please kindly contact my Dad the Picture & Price Gretsch Rose wood set, ffosterpearce on gmail/414 792 94 99 he will make the payment & schedule the pickup thanks." The area code is Milwaukee - a long way to drive to pick up a drum set :-). Playing along, I emailed the "Dad" and the next day I received this email from him: "George sorry for the late response considering it sold, i won't be able to come for the pickup due to my work schedule, i would like you to delete the ad & consider it sold, will mail a Bank cashier check that can be cashed at your bank without any problem. Please note that i will be responsible for the shipment of what i purchase from you, pickup will be made after the check is cleared, do get back to me with Name on check & mailing address, ll text you tracking # once the check is mail". Note the poor English and bad punctuation. Thanks to seller Clanton Blaylock for alerting me about this attempted fraud. If you ever suspect scamming or suspicious buyers, please call me immediately. 330 338 6035, I've got your back. -George Lawrence

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Listing created Aug 11, 2021

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King Louie Music

1 year ago

Thanks George, surprised he didn't contact me since I have the most items up on Drumsellers. Guess he knows better, Ting

Steven Campbell

1 year ago

Thanks for watching out for all of us George.

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