Vintage Drum Set - idea of selling value

Vintage Drum Set - Bass drum with oil painting, lite inside. Snare drum, various percussion instruments - blocks, bells, ect.... Leedy Manufacturing
One tom tom has a small tear on one side. The snare drum obviously needs a new cover.

Listing created Jul 14, 2021

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King Louie Music

11 days ago

Sue, just by going from the pictures you look like you have a set worth at least $1000. as it sits. Getting that value or more is another story. You most likely would get the highest dollar value for it if you fixed everything and you were able to know exactly what every piece was (model- usage- sizes- special features-etc.) Selling it as a complete set will get you the lowest value, parting it out piece by piece would get you the highest value just as selling it locally would get you the lowest value and shipping internationally would get you the highest value. Also selling it to a dealer gets you the lowest value and selling it to an end user gets you the highest value, Ting

George Lawrence, administrator

11 days ago

I agree w Ting.

Bob Meyer

10 days ago

I also completely agree with Ting and George.

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