Bobby Caldwell Show with Captain Beyond /Episode 6

Greetings: The Captain here. Join Bobby as we continue our music journey on Beyond The Stars, episode six / part two of underrated groups. Bobby talks about several groups including Creation, a group that weren’t together very long. They had a tune called Painter Man. Group number two is a band formed in LA, called Spirit. A different kind of band for the period. A blend of Jazz and Rock with unique arrangements. They had a radio airplay tune called I got a line on you. Underrated group number three is Cactus, this lineup included Tim Bogart, Rusty Day, Carmine Appice and Jim McCarty, formerly with Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels. Group number four on the list is a band from Liverpool called The Searchers. They had early success in 1963 with a single called Needles and Pins, written by Sonny Bono. Followed with another hit, Love Potion Number Nine. Bobby talks about his hearing them at a show with The Zombies. Underrated group number five is Captain Beyond. Formed in LA, with Rod Evans of Deep Purple, Larry “Rhino” Reinhardt and former Iron Butterfly bassist Lee Dorman. Bobby talks about their signing to Capricorn Records, gigs, touring and more. The final group, an English band called Trapeze, formed in 1969. Bobby talks about album number two, You Are The Music. Bobby reflects on his impressions of them when they opened for Captain Beyond. Finally, Bobby talks about group number seven on his list, King Crimson. Founded by the Giles Brothers in 1967, then teamed up with Robert Fripp. More inside reflections by Bobby when Captain Beyond and Crimson performed together on concert dates. In conclusion “Captains Corner” where Bobby answers your questions. Finally, a hint at future episodes, including the history and music from the period known as The British Invasion. Stay Tuned.

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Listing created Aug 14, 2020

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King Louie Music

2 years ago

One of the most under-rated groups of all time. Captain Beyond. Bobby's drumming was really out of this world, fast, clean, tasteful, jazzy, explosive. Probably one of the top 5 "concept" Rock albums of all time. Ting

Paul DiPietro

2 years ago

I was the person who turned Ting onto Captain Beyond!!! I lent him my copy of the album (with 3D cover). He liked it so much that he flat out told me he was not giving it back!!! Yes we are still friends and yes I had to buy a new copy (without the 3D cover). As he said it was a tight package that I used to practice with to build up my guitar playing. Bobby Caldwell was incredible. I was very disappointed when he was not on the second offering Sufficiently Breathless but ecstatic upon his return on the third release. Thank you Bobby and thanks for naming some of Ting’s and my favorite groups on this episode!!!

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